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The Auditorium of Milano represents the "house of music"ť of the Giuseppe Verdi Symphonic Orchestra and Choir of Milano. It's been inaugurated on October 1999 and just in few years became one of the most important cultural poles of the city.
The Auditorium of Milano was created by restoring the hall of the Cinema Teatro Massimo, designed by Alessandro Rimini in 1939, and it remained closed for many years. The entrepreneur Agostino Liuni and his team restructured it by working on the project of Marzorati Studio.
The hall has been planned like a multipurpose space, suitable for many activities: symphonic music concerts, choral and chamber, jazz and light music; recordings by digital systems, promotion of the events by satellite TV and projection room by a big screen. 
The main hall can seat ad audience of 1400.
The chairs are distributed on the "spooned-shaped"ť stalls and into the tiered gallery that stands above the hall and surrounds it by its curvilinear balustrade.
The ceiling is made of reinforced concrete reticular structures that are visible and original of their epoch, and go through the hall to the proscenium. The particular shape that they take has been one of the most important objectives of the restructuring project.
The acoustic shell-shaped proscenium is 20 meter wide.    
The excellent acoustics of the hall has been obtained by covering the top of the ceiling and the walls with peer wood panels, that are differently curved, thick and far from each other, and useful to guarantee several needs of sound reflections by giving good times of echoes.
The acoustic peculiarities have been considered either inside or outside by superimposed double doors, putting soundproofing layers into every masonry and acoustic insulations into the mechanical systems.
Wood hanging panels cover the stage and take the shape of sails that are far from each other most of all for two reasons; first for acoustic need, and second to fix movie screens. Digital moving systems of television filming have been installed on this part of the ceiling, and play on three screens, respecive fixed on the left, on the right and in the middle of the proscenium. 
On November the 28th 2001, the Major of Milano Gabriele Albertini called the square in front of the the Auditorium Largo Gustav Mahler, to give more worth to the musical culture that the Verdi Orchestra of Milano improved during the last years. 
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